Set The Water on Fire
  • Impeller repair kit fits 300XS, 300X, 250XS, V-250EFI Part #3214

    $51.99 $31.43

    Impeller repair kit. Includes new impeller, face plate, gaskets and orings.

    Fits 40/45/50/60 HP Four stroke (Big foot models only)

    75/90/115HP four stroke

    60 HP 2-cylce (3-cylinder having pump screw without insulators).

    V-200 DFI (3.0L)

    V-225 Carb/EFI/DFI (3.0L)

    V-250 EFI (3.0)

    225 Optimax




    Fits all the above. Any question call 850-875-0381 Please have your serial number ready to confirm part.

    Part # 3214